Insurers smile on those who clearly identify themselves

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If you are an automotive service provider then you are already aware of the rules. Your business is insured too so you have been kept up to date on federal regulations and/or guidelines governing the utilization of a service parts identification sticker on the inside side door of a repaired vehicle, usually on the driver’s side. And after you have prepared a vehicle, it is you who have to slap that sticker on. But where to get that sticker?

And who is your service provider in this regard? You rely on a manufacturer of precise, clearly legible, high quality automotive labels, fit for all makes and models of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to light trucks. Heavy duty trucks have different size requirements and, no doubt, there are different regulations governing the way specialized repairs are certified on these trucks. The service oriented or customer centered approach is easy for you, the customer, to apply.

All you need do, just for starters, is go online and rely on a precise measurements ordering process which is reciprocated by a quick return process. The assurance is given that your new batch of required certifying labels is easier to apply to your repaired vehicles. This, at the end of the day, makes you smile. You are pleased to know that your work is recognized, lest anyone should forget. Better still, your insurer is smiling as well.

They are relying on you for their business as well. But what works for them is strict adherence to all laid down federal regulations and guidelines, often informed by the insurers’ input as well. So, this labeling or confirmation process is always a welcome sight for insurance assessors. It makes their inspection work easier.