Automated Parking Setup

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When you are running a facility with a large number of vehicles, finding a way to get these cars parked and situated can present a problem. Sure, if you only have ten or fifteen vehicles, you can probably find people who can get this job done. But if the number is any more, you are looking at a huge number of vehicles that need to get moved. It would take ages for someone to do the job, and they may end up damaging the cars if they are driving them around the structure all the time. Is there an alternative?

One of the things that you may want to look into is the automated parking systems that have been on sale for the past few years. There are a number of choices for an automated system, but the main ones are the shuttle and conveyer options. With the shuttle, you are getting a palletless, multi-level system. The shuttle-based solution will autonomously take any vehicle that you need moved, and it will get it there from the entry point to its ideal parking spot. That is it – you do not have to worry about anything. The job gets done so easily.

When you have a large parking capacity need, the shuttle option is the best. But if you are seeking a pallet-based, single or multi-level plan, the conveyer option is also a good one. With the conveyer-based solution, you are getting these vehicles on-pallet to their destination. They will go through a matrix array, but it is nothing that could result in damage or complications for the vehicles. Everything runs smoothly, and this type of setup is ideal if you have a medium parking space and vehicle count. If you are confused about these options, you may want to watch a video of how both systems work.