4 Awesome 356 Facts

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The 356 from Porsche is the first vehicle the company produced. It was originally designed in 1948, and sold until 1965. The Porsche 356 has a rear engine, and plenty of unique features that make it a top collectors vehicle all these years later. If you are a car enthusiast seeking more information about the Porsche brand or the 356 model in particular, you’ve come to the right place. Below are four interesting facts about the vehicle that are sure to make you smile.

  1. It was in a sawmill with a dirt floor that production of the 356 began. It was 1947, an era when money was hard to come by, and with wars all around, people were afraid of making a lot of moves. Except Porsche.
  2. The 356 was used as a racing car almost immediately after its interception. The vehicle has everything needed for a great race car in that era, including a lightweight body, powerful motor, and could handle roads like no one was watching.
  3. There was a total of 76,000 356 model Porsche’s constructed, but today there is only about half of those remaining. The 356 is a collectors’ car that is even more popular today than during the initial release.
  4. The 356 car was hand built. While a lot of manufactures make such a claim this is one vehicle that can say that everything on it was made by man. Perhaps this is where some of the excitement of the vehicle comes from, but one thing is for sure -they did a fantastic job when creating this luxury racing car.

The 356 is a car that will never go out of style. The four facts above are just some of the many things you should know about the vehicle that started it all for this luxury car maker.